• Short, interactive courses to inspire your child with maths.

  • Our Approach

    Every child deserves to fall in love with maths.

    Our aim is to inspire children with the skills and confidence to excel as young mathematicians.


    We offer short courses on the most exciting areas of mathematics, many of which sit outside of the curriculum.


    Each course lasts between four and six one-hour sessions and is delivered by an expert maths coach.


    Our activities are easy to try and difficult to master, as well as playful, open-ended, hands-on and collaborative - all the hallmarks of deep and joyful learning.


  • Courses

    Short, interactive, inspiring. Full course book available on request.

    Prime Mysteries

    4 sessions


    Unravel the mysteries of prime numbers through games.


    4 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Take on some of the most addictive maths puzzles on the planet.

    Maths Magic

    4 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Wow your friends with magic tricks using your mathematical reasoning.

    Code Breaking

    6 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Learn how maths keeps us safe by making and breaking codes.

  • Pattern Seeking

    4 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Maths is beautiful! Explore the rich patterns that shape the mathematical universe.

    Hands-on Maths

    5 sessions


    Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into physical maths activities.


    5 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Sharpen your mental maths skills with the famous numbers game.

    Real-world Maths

    4 sessions

    Primary & Secondary

    Use maths to solve problems that crop up in everyday life.

  • Meet the Coach

    Oxford Maths Club is designed and delivered by maths experts

    Dr Junaid Mubeen

    Founder, Oxford Maths Club

    Hello! I have worked with students of all ages and abilities over the past fifteen years. I set up the Oxford Maths Club with the conviction that every child can enjoy and excel in maths.


    I have graduate degrees in mathematics (PhD, Oxford) and Education (Master's, Harvard). I am Director of Education at Whizz Education, where I work with thousands of students, parents and teachers worldwide to raise standards in mathematics.

  • Testimonials

    What our students and parents say

    "My favourite part of Maths Club is when we get into groups and work on fun problems."

    Student (aged 9)

    "My children are lucky to have a teacher with the unique combination of maths brilliance and an engaging and effective teaching method."